IBox Touch Compact

Faytech has been working with Meso International GmbH since 2011. Combining the expertise in touch solutions and medical field, we successfully created IBox Touch Compact. With its top-notch reliability and sustainability, the device is medically certified based on EN60601.

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More performance, more connectors: faytech’s new mainboards

With the return of the spring we at faytech are proud to announce two additions and one update to our line of products and all of them are related to the very core of a Touchscreen PC – the mainboard:

fay-002 E3800 Series Mainboard

faytech responds to the demand of more and more powerful systems by unveiling its new fay-002 Intel® E3800 series mainboard. The new fay-002 series follows highest industrial PC standards and provides stable and exceptional performance. Equipped with Intel® Dualcore N2807 or Quadcore J1900 Processors based on Intel´s Silvermont™ architecture, they deliver respectively 2x 1.58 GHz and 4x 2 Ghz base speed which significantly improves the performance of any new Touch PC provided with them. The new Intel HD graphics chip with LVDS, Display port and VGA-Out adds further strong graphic performance, all in a fanless design!

With USB 3.0 support and the support of up to 8GByte RAM the new fay-002 sets standards in versatility once again. Fanless, with such a small footprint, there is no other industrial PC-mainboard in the market offering so many connectors and options at faytech´s worldwide renowned unbeatable price/quality ratio: 2x Mini-PCIe, 1x PCIeX1, SPDIF, Mic-In/Line-Out, 2x2W amplifier, 2x GBit LAN, 7x USB 2.0, 4x RS232/RS485, PS2-Port, 2x S-ATA – in short – there should be no industrial application where this mainboard shall not be suitable for.

Take your time and design your product around faytech´s new fay-002 series-mainboard. It is now available for distribution and projects, will be integrated in more and more faytech products 2015 and most important – the fay-002 series will be available in production until 2021!

fay-003 series Mainboard based on Intel´s i5-5200u CPUFor whom the Celeron J1900 QuadCore CPU is not powerful enough they can speed further up. After extensive testing faytech just released first samples of its Intel i5-5200u Core based mainboard which will go to selected customers on a first-come-first-serve basis. Be fast to be one of the first testers of the strongest fanless PC-systems faytech has ever built. The i5-5200u processor is now available for project customers and will be available for faytech´s standard product portfolio in the second half of 2015.

V2 of faytech´s embedded mainboard: now known as FTA20-mainboard 

faytech started its first embedded mainboard already by the end of 2013. Based on the experience with several project partners done by 2014, it is time to start with the V2. Available in two standard versions with just W-LAN or with W-LAN, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS integrated, POE-plugIn and OTG-port added, it is faytech´s most cost effective but still powerful DualCore solution for Linux and Android projects. Even WinCE-BSPs are available for project partners. Now available in faytech´s 9.7”, 10.1”, 15” and 21.5” embedded capacitive TPCs, for your projects, or as single embedded system

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faytech at CeBIT 2015

Every year faytech is eager to attend the world’s largest computer expo – CeBIT, in Hannover, Germany. We present you some of the moments from the week of technology and innovation.

List of displayed products:

15” PCAP IP65 Touch PC

17” Touch PC

8” Touchscreen Monitor

55” Touch PC Kiosk Terminal

19” Touch PC

15” Flat Touch PC

32” IP65 Monitor

10.1” Touch PC

10.1” Embedded Touch PC

• 12,1″ TPC, full IP65, VESA 75, 26-pin IP65 connector, LTE, GPS, ISOBUS-Connection, WiFi, capacitive touch, SIM-card integrated, High Brightness (brightness can be manually changed), ignition control, increased voltage range (8-36V)

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2nd generation 8” Touchscreen Monitor

faytech are proud to present the 2nd generation of our 8” Touchscreen Monitor. Not only is it equipped with a higher resolution LCD panel with IP40 protection glass, but it also has an increased viewing angle, higher contrast ratio and improved aluminum case, previously used on our 10” Touchscreen Monitor.

Encompassing our most advanced technologies this monitor is as excellent for industrial or scientific use, as it is for retail or governmental sectors.

Detailed information and specifications

Presentation video

8 TM(EN)(2)

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Improvements in faytech’s factory 2014

Those who have seen our last year company video tour, would hardly recognize the factory today. With the improvements and new machinery we are trying to create the best environment for products of excellent quality to be made.


The cleanroom provides the ability to work in an environment free of dust and other particles, which could deter the high quality of our touch panels. Installed air shower prevents any particles entering the cleanroom with the workers.


Temperature chamber

The temperature chamber allows testing the capabilities of our products in harsh environments. Since we manufacture Touchscreen Monitors and PC’s for industrial use, we expect them to be able to withstand low and high temperatures, and high humidity. As you may see in this video, our products beat even our own expectations.

Constant temperature machine

Vibration machine

Vibration machine is another worthy addition to the factory. Subjecting our products to vibration, reveals the products that have any loose parts, which otherwise may have not performed properly during application. We expect our products to be shock-proof and be able to withstand vibration. You may see the vibration machine in action in this video.


Gluing machine

The gluing machine ensures that anything that requires gluing stays in its place and is glued properly. This is especially important for the seal on the front panel, which protects the touch panel from dust and water, allowing our products to be used in harsh conditions.


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Virtual Organs with faytech 17″ touchscreen monitors

As merry, as the Christmas period is, it is not a time for slacking around in faytech. We present to you the most festive application of our products so far – Virtual Organ.  Designed by Orgelhaus im Stiftland, the model shown below is equipped with our 17” Touchscreen Monitors.

We hope that our products will help organists in Germany and all over the world to produce astonishing music.

b725f2d5-f0fd-4e38-b3a7-39559276650e detail_Spieltisch_Ludwig_02Orgelhaus im Stiftland - Hauptwerk Spieltische

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faytech products hit Chinese factories

In a project together with Cuanbo, faytech’s 10.1” PCAP industrial touchscreen pc’s are in active use, gathering information and statistics on how the machine, that the pc is connected to, is working. With the help of our Touchscreen PC the operators of this machine are able to easily process this information, convert it into sheets and graphs and easily exchange it between different sections of the factory, offices in the country, or even in the world.

IMG_0089-1 IMG_0094-1

The machine show below uses faytech 15” touchscreen monitors in lens cutting operations. The use of faytech touchscreen monitors allow precise control over this demanding process. A single mistake or imprecision would ruin the lens.


Paper cutting is a process, that most common monitors would not withstand. The machine used for this task has a high level of vibration. faytech industrial touchscreen monitors, as this 8” one, are built specifically to endure this sort of stress. After testing an extensive amount of shock-proof products. the client chose faytech monitor.


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7″ embedded capacitive Multitouch PC, 3G, GPS, CAN, Bluetooth

7″ embedded capacitive Multitouch PC, 3G, GPS, CAN, Bluetooth

7″ embedded capacitive Multitouch PC, 3G, GPS, CAN, Bluetooth

faytech´s new 7″ embedded capacitive Multitouch PC premiers first on European Taxi Fair 2014, 7th / 8th November Hall 4.1 booth A27 at the Congress-Centrum Koelnmesse

On the European Taxi Fair 2014 for the first time the exclusive by faytech for a project partner developed taxi hardware solution is presented.

High-resolution, high brightness 7″ panel, capacitive multitouch, patented dust-proof and water-resistant front following IP65, 3G/4G, CAN-bus, Bluetooth, Push to talk, Wi-Fi hotspot, high-performance embedded processor, Android operating system and the available software application perfectly tailored to the needs of the taxi industry are the features that characterize the solution.

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Locomotives 15″ Touchscreen PC

faytech 15inch locomotive train customize project

The 15″ capacitive touch PC is one of faytech´s most impressive projects so far. The 8-36V DC-In Touch-PC, which will steer locomotives in South America, is rugged, fanless, IP67 and has numerous connections which were just possible to realize with faytech´s industrial mainboard series: 12x RS485+RS232 connectors, special button design (with backlight), Balanced Router (2x SIM cards), GPS+Glonass satellite navigation, Motorola TETRA Module TOM100, camera, USB3.0, Bluetooth 4.0, W-LAN, G-Force, Gyroscope, E-Compass, Accelerometer and 4-channel Video-capture card are components integrated into this locomotive Touchscreen-PC with a high brightness 15” panel and capacitive multitouch.

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12.1″ Customized IP65 Touchscreen Monitor

12 Inch Touch Monitor IP65 Customized for Project Business

Based on faytech standard 12.1″ IP65 Touchscreen Monitor

Technical Specifications:

Programmable function keys:  12 programmable buttons (6 each side of screen)

Display matrix:  VGA (1024 x 768 pixels)

Display diagonal size:  12.1 inch

Aspect ratio:  4:3

Brightness:  400Nits

Contrast ratio:  500:1

Viewing angle:  160/160

Video interface:  DVI-D (hand-making for sample)

Software programmable

function key interface:  RS232

Power Supply:  8~36V

Temperature range(°C):  -25 to 75 (operational/storage)

IP protection class:  IP65 (waterproof and dust proof)

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