faytech’s New Touch Controller Design and Its Windows 8 Advantages

Arne Weber of faytech ltd. explains to new Director of International Sales, Frank Silverman the advantages of faytech’s new touch controller over the competition. faytech’s original touch controller used an EETI’s ETR 4000 chip, probably the most popular chip used on touch controllers, still used by many of their competitors. When it was announced that Microsoft was going to introduce its new Windows 8 OS, faytech designed a new touch controller using EETI’s MER4485 chip so that no keyboard or mouse is necessary when you Login to Windows 8. This new touch controller has been integrated into all faytech Touchscreen Monitors and Touchscreen PCs since May 2013. Arne shows how the touch panel can be connected to the touch controller through either a USB connector or a serial connection. He talks about the extra care faytech uses in protecting their circuit boards by using not only using screws to attach the boards to the housing, but using a special glue that creates a better adhesion to the housings surface helping protect the boards from damage if exposed to excessive vibration. faytech’s engineering team prides themselves in constantly looking for new ways to improve their products and continues to manufacture products tested and used by some of the largest companies in the world.

faytech Tech. Co., Ltd. Follow our blog to see more of our special projects that we completed together with our customers. For more information, visit our webpage http://www.faytech.com Specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Touchscreen Monitors and Touchscreen PCs. With its roots in Germany, faytech sells and supports the products on a worldwide basis. faytech offers German engineered products, manufactured in Asia with local service.

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