faytech 15″ IP65 SAW Touchscreen PC with 1000nits High Brightness: Carwash Center Project

For almost two years faytech has been implementing IP65 solutions for its project clients and demanding users. There are, for example, over 100 car wash installations across the United States employing faytech´s 15“ IP65 High Brightness Touchscreen PCs with SAW Touch.                                                               At the entrance of the car wash’s tunnel, the Touchscreen PCs endure wind, sun, rain and dust, addition to the standard chemical cleaning supplies of the car wash site. With 1000Nits brightness, IP65 firm connector strip, no moving parts, and a scratch-resistant SAW touch panel, the decision to go with faytech´s 15“ IP65 Touchscreen PC was straightforward.

faytech 15Inch IP65 SAW Touch PC High Brightness Carwash CenterProject

faytech 15Inch IP65 SAW Touch PC High Brightness Carwash Center Project2

Key features:

  • 15″ complete IP65 Touch PC with IP65 connectors
  • 1000nits High Brightness; special backlight board for 8 levels brightness adjustment
  • IP65 SAW touch panel
  • 2m. cable for each connector with different pins
  • -10°C to +60°C working temperature
  • Harsh environment usage; waterproof and dustproof
  • 1x Ethernet port; 4x USB ports; 2x RS232; 1x VGA; 1x 12V DC-IN
  • Customized stainless steel screws for PC
  • P-cap or 5-wire resistive touch panel (10pints) can be optionally provided

Project Development:

  • 2012-08 first sample with SAW Touch PC; 2013-09 first lots order
  • 2013-05 second lots order placed
  • 2013-09 revised specifications with faytech FT267410M Mainboard
  • 2013-09 first batch of products with FT267410M Mainboard
  • 2013-10 sample with P-cap touch panel ordered

faytech Tech. Co., Ltd. Follow our blog to see more of our special projects that we completed together with our customers. For more information, visit our webpage http://www.faytech.com Specializes in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of Touchscreen Monitors and Touchscreen PCs. With its roots in Germany, faytech sells and supports the products on a worldwide basis. faytech offers German engineered products, manufactured in Asia with local service.

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