faytech’s Display Stands Presentation

Arne Weber of faytech ltd. talks about and demonstrates the differences between the monitor stands manufactured by his company. Arne demonstrates the flexibility and versatility of the company’s plastic stand design model #FTV75PSF included for free with each 7”-12” Touch Monitor that they sell. He also talks about faytech’s new metal stand design model #FTV100SF, demonstrating its stability and functionality, highlighting the engineering improvement made in the rubber pads section of the base, eliminating the pads coming off the base on the initial product release when the stand was removed from a tabletop. faytech will replace the pads on any stand base previously shipped at no charge to their customers.

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faytech 8-22 inch All-In-One Touchscreen PCs

Arne Weber of faytech Co., Ltd. demonstrates his company’s 8″-22″ All-in-One Touchscreen PCs built around faytech’s proprietary designed mainboard (manufactured exclusively by the industrial division of ASUS). Each of faytech’s fanless industrial Touchscreen PCs can be manufactured using a number of different touch technologies (resistive, capacitive, SAW or IR), and with a variety of connectors to fit any industrial use. Customization is also available including high brightness and IP65/IP68 ratings for outdoor usage. The standard 8″-22″ Touchscreen PC models comes with a 5-wire resistive touchscreen, industrial LCD Panel with LED backlight, Intel Atom N2600 chipset with AMD’s Caicos mobile HD7400 series chipset with dedicated 512MByte RAM (supporting WinXP, Win7, Win8, Linux, 32Bit, 64Bit), 2GByte RAM, 30 or 60GByte SSD, W-LAN and numerous USB and serial connections.

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faytech New Embedded Touchscreen Series

Arne Weber of faytech Co., Ltd. presents his company’s new series of 7″-15″ modular Embedded LCD Touchscreen PCs designed for use in industrial applications and easy to integrate into any industrial solution. The embedded Touchscreen PC runs with either Cortex A8 or Cortex A9 Texas Instruments chipset with 1GHz or 1.2GHz, supporting CAN bus, I2C bus, network, USB, serial port and many more external connections and customization options. Embedded Windows (WinCE5.0, WinCE6.0) and Linux are offered as operating system options, and each device comes with either 4-wire resistive or optional projected capacitive touch panels.

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faytech 15″ IP65 Rated Edge to Edge Glass Front Panel for Medical Application

faytech project business Medical Application

Developed exclusively for medical application project customer, faytech introduces a new concept in Touch PCs featuring a sleek modern appearance. Flat edge to edge glass with a patented silicone rubberized seal ensures the front panel is water proof and dust proof meeting the requirements of IP65 standards with 250Nits brightness,various connectors and interfaces.

The touch PC includes faytech’s own designed FT2X7410M mainboard with 3 year supply and support for 32 bit/64bit Linux/Microsoft OS (XP/Win7/Win8), ensuring the performance and stability required for long term operation in demanding manufacturing, commercial, and retail environments.

faytech project business Medical Application 2

With its silent fanless operation, reliability, and fine craftsmanship, faytech creation stands out from the competition earning faytech its reputation for engineering and quality around the world.

Suitable for POS solutions, machine control systems, building automation, marine navigation controls, digital signage and other commercial uses, this is the perfect product for every demanding job!

Key Features:

  • IP65 rated edge to edge glass front panel
  • 5-wire resistive touch screen
  • 4:3 aspect ratio; 1024×768 resolution
  • Fanless operation – no moving parts
  • Out of the box working X86 architecture, 32Bit and 64Bit support, Win XP to Win 8 and Linux support
  • Pre-installed Linux Ubuntu OS
  • Consumer and industrial interfaces (HDMI, 4-USB 2.0, 4-Serial RS232 (three switchable to RS485}, VGA, 2-Ethernet, Optical Digital Audio Out, 8x programmable Digital Input-Output, screwable industrial power connector and many more)
  • Integrated Wi-Fi (802.11 a b g n), 2×10/100/1000 Mbps network ports
  • Audio amplifier with 2x2w speakers
  • VESA 100 bracket for mounting
  • 2 year Limited Warranty
  • Available in customer’s choice of color
  • Customization available upon request
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faytech 15″ Touch Monitor with Bluetooth and Webcam (for Medical Usage)

Integration based on faytech standard 15″ Touchscreen Monitor.

15Inch Touch Monitor Integrated for Medical Usage

Key features:

  • 15″ Touch PC with RAL 9006 for Medical usage
  • Auto focus webcam for 2D Scan
  • Bluetooth (5m. distance) for information transfer

Project development:

  • 2013-04 specification confirmed, first 2 samples provided
  • 2013-11 first lots order negotiated, ongoing project
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faytech 7-12″ Touchscreen Monitor Product Presentation

Arne Weber of faytech Co., Ltd. demonstrates his company’s globally renowned 7″-12″ Touchscreen Monitors. Designed in Germany and engineered with multiple application usage in mind, these high quality modular touch devices are used in many industrial and commercial solutions including factory automation, taxicabs, retail locations, and financial institutions. They are the #1 selling Touch devices in faytech’s extensive Touchscreen Monitor and Touchscreen PC product line. The standard 7″-12″ Touchscreen Monitor comes with a 4-wire resistive touchscreen, industrial LCD Panel with LED backlight, wide range Voltage-In (6-36V), enhanced temperature range (-20 to +70° Celsius), numerous connections including HDMI, VGA, 2x Video, 1x S-Video, 3x Audio-In, USB and serial Touch, all packed into a slim and stylish design perfect for machine integration or as a standalone.

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faytech Touch Device, Management Interview

This video is an informative and interesting interview with Fan Yang and Arne Weber, the owners of faytech ltd, discussing the history and evolution of their years in the touchscreen industry and their passion to build the best products possible. Beginning over 8 years ago with starting to sell touchscreen monitors in Germany, they set up a importing business based in Germany which has grown to be one of Europe’s largest distributors of touchscreen devices. In 2008, Arne and Fan began to travel to China to find better suppliers, and ended up moving to Shenzhen and starting their own manufacturing company. Four short years later, faytech has over 70 employees, 15K sq. ft. of space, producing over 2000 touch screen monitors and touchscreen PCs a month, and achieving ISO certification in 2013.

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faytech SAW, Infrared, Resistive & Capacitive Touch Panel Information

Arne Weber of faytech ltd. talks about and demonstrates the differences between the most widely used touch screen technologies which are resistive, capacitive, SAW and IR. Arne explains the pros and cons of using the different technologies for different applications, and uses water, a hammer, and a screwdriver to emphasis why you should choose one technology over the other depending on the environment in which your touchscreen monitor or touchscreen PC will have to operate. This seems like basic information, but without this knowledge and understanding it is easy to make the wrong choice, resulting in wasted time, wasted resources and missed opportunities.

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faytech 17″ Panel-Mount Touchscreen PC with Built-In Camera

faytech 17″ Panel-Mount Touchscreen PC with Built-In Camera

Based on faytech standard Touchscreen PC, faytech customizes its 17″ Panel-Mount Touchscreen PC with Built-In Camera for project business customer. faytech´s Touch PCs are ideal for use in industrial applications, POS systems, machine control and maintenance, building automation, digital signage and many more challenging situations.

17Inch Touch PC Integrated with Built-in Camera

Key features:

  • Panel mount, black aluminum case
  • 5 mega-pixel camera
  • Intel Atom N2600 CPU
  • AMD graphic card ATI Radeon 7410M with 512MByte RAM
  • 300G HDD
  • 800 Nits high brightness
  • 5-wire resistive touch
  • Connectors: 2x RJ45, 4x COM, 4x USB, speakers and wifi
  • Supports winXP, win7 and win8 OS
  • Flat touchscreen integration

17inch Touchscreen PC with Camera Connector flat intagration

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faytech 15″ IP65 Capacitive, Multi-Touch Touchscreen PC with High Brightness

    5Inch IP65 Capacitive Multi Touch PC High Brightness

Based on faytech’s standard 15″ High Brightness Touchscreen PC, faytech has now developed its new 15″ IP65 Capacitive Multi-touch Touchscreen PC with High Brightness model. The Touchscreen is used at the entrance of the car wash’s tunnel. The Touchscreen-PCs endure wind, sun, rain and dust, in addition to the standard chemical cleaning supplies of the car wash site. With high brightness, multi-touch function, rugged, IP65-firm connector strip, and no moving parts, the development of the product has shown our ability to custom your projects and turn any of your  ideas to possibility.

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