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faytech 22″ Open-Frame Touch PC

faytech has again produced an outstanding project-business product. This time it is 22 Inch Open-Frame Touchscreen PC, a perfect product for every demanding job! At faytech, customization is available for project customers (e.g. higher brightness, brightness sensor,  IP protection classes, capacitive and SAW touch panels, etc.) See more information about our products at Key features: Infrared touch Dual touch faytech’s FT267410M mainboard Intel Atom N2600 CPU AMD graphic card 2GB RAM 32GB SSD Built-in WIFI External connectors: HDMI output, 4 x USB, 2 x RS232 Availability of playing two different video contents simultaneously    

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faytech Public Authorities Project

Public authorities project, system shall be used in cars run by public authority. Basic specs 8” TM with printer, webcam, scanner, special function button and telephone installed in the front of the car, IPC in the trunk of  the car, connected by 4m. All-In-One-Cable 3 years guarantee 20 hrs usage daily Harsh environments (bad streets/ lot of vibration, high temperature, high brightness) All-In-One-Integration design, high quality finish 8” TM: Based on faytech standard 8″ TM model –Integrate small scanner –Integrate small thermo printer –Integrate webcam –Install telephone via Mic-In/ Ear-Out as RJ11-connection –Option via USB: small keyboard/ mouse, vandalism secure –Enhanced brightness min. 400Nits –Aluminum case (CNC cut) with On/Off button, plus three special PC-function keys for the 8” TM –On/Off button for shutting-down the IPC –All-In-One cable, connected to IPC IPC: Based on faytech standard IPC-model –Via network connected to balanced 3G router –Enhanced DC-IN with screwable power-plug –All-In-One cable supporting 8” TM with power and all necessary signals –Ignition Control function

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A Tour of the Internal Workings of faytech’s 17″ Touchscreen PC

Arne Weber of faytech ltd. showcases the inside and components used in faytech’s 17″ Touchscreen PC, model #FT17267410M2G60G. A great video for newcomers to the touchscreen world, and it demonstrates the craftsmanship and care faytech uses in manufacturing their industry

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